Why DoctorateJourney.com and What is It All About Anyway?

Pursuing and accomplishing my Masters was like breathing. In comparison to the Doctorate, it was like rolling over, waking up for the day, and saying, “Oh, I have my Masters!”

So, you can imagine that if you are pursuing your Masters or have completed it and found it to be difficult, that it is likely that pursuing your doctorate will be that much more difficult.

Understanding our Strengths and Weaknesses

All of us have areas that are easy for us and other areas that are not so easy.

I find the pursuance of graduate degrees easy when it comes to writing the research papers. My husband says that he swore he would never marry anyone that intelligent and that it was irritating to others who had difficulty writing. I am trying to be more understanding of people like my husband.



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But, that doesn’t mean that this is as smooth as silk. No, the physical drain is immense and that is my personal challenge. I wouldn’t have thought that there could be a physical drain associated with a graduate degree, but there is. From what I have heard, there is a “hazing” attached to the pursuance of the doctorate and that those who survive it, whether it is mental, emotional, physical, or intellectual will deserve their doctorate and those who do not will not attain their doctorate.

So, DoctorateJourney.com was born. I imagine that others struggle as well. I don’t personally believe in the hazing approach… not for any degree. But, until we can change that part of education, I want to be helpful in any way that I can.



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Maybe, I can help by sharing writing or research tips. This is not for the purpose of being condescending and highlighting differences in skills. Absolutely not!

DoctorateJourney.com is intended to say, “Hey, I understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed. You are not alone.” Then, secondarily, it is here to provide some help (hopefully).

So, if you are on that journey (or even if you are not), come join us as we travel it together! All are welcome!



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About the author: Deborah experienced the thrill ride (ups and downs) of Corporate America, along with the underbelly of greed that sometimes accompanies it. She was the key to unlocking the West Coast Madoff scandal before it caused the level of damage that could have occurred. Out of that experience, comes advice and insights. But, first, download the “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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