Server Whisperer: What Does Server Whispering Really Mean?

Many of us who have had that label attached to us have received it somewhat reluctantly and the commonality is that we take in information, rather than blurting out information randomly (no offense).

And, it doesn’t matter if it is a living creature or even an inanimate object, like computers, servers, and technology. The same concept applies and it works generally the same way.


So, whether it is a “Horse Whisperer” like the character of Amy that Amber Marshall plays on Heartland, or my case, with servers, it is a matter of taking in information in a caring manner and using that information to “treat your patient.”

It just happens to be that in my case, it is servers. But, I still listen to what it is that the servers are saying and use that to gently bring the servers back online. It has worked every time. I can literally say that I have had 100% success.

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But… there is no room for egotism or narcissistic attitudes. If you are only thinking of yourself and how you can show off being a “Whisperer,” it doesn’t work. Why? Because you are spending more time thinking of yourself and your own output rather than actually taking in the information that is needed in your situation.

That is why the label is generally something that is not sought and rather, bestowed because it is all about serving (no pun intended) rather than showing off for an audience.

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