What Are People Saying About Deborah Anderson?
I worked closely with Deborah on a project helping to refine their disaster recovery solution and was very much impressed with how well-rounded she was and her ability to manage many tasks. It was clear she had a passion for technology as she [...]
Deborah and I have been acquainted for several years, but only in the past 2 years have we worked together directly. I have had the opportunity to see her manage large enterprises in time sensitive and stress filled environments with the utmost [...]
I worked with Deborah when she was head of technology at Bel Air Investment Advisors. She was wonderful to work with - highly professional, and was very knowledgeable in her space. I would strongly recommend her to any firm looking for a strong [...]
Putting aside the immense IT knowledge you have, I would like to focus on your work ethic. You are one of those individuals who have always gone above and beyond what was required or expected. There was no task too small, or question too [...]
Deborah is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and savvy professional. She is experienced in her field and makes it easy for her vendors as she is able to communicate her requirements properly, and always includes timelines and budgets to guide [...]
I had the pleasure of working with Deborah to support end users at two different client sites. Deborah is easy to work with, which results in stronger vendor cooperation. She was always very cooperative in working to resolve issues, [...]
Deborah was the IT person at Bel Air. She worked diligently to keep up with a demanding job. She was very concientious. She is extremely knowledgable.
Deborah was great to work with at Bel Air. She was willing to sit down with me and discuss the business relationship as a whole and was always helpful. I always felt our business interactions were win-win for both of our firms. She is easy to [...]

Deborah Anderson on Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva

Last night I had the privilege of meeting Charlie and Eva and speaking on Corporate Talk. You can listen, below, to a replay of that broadcast. Be sure to click on the link to find out more about “Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva.”

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The Truth About Messaging in Business Management Conversations


He walked into my office and said, “You hurt her feelings last week!”

I looked up from my work with a question mark clearly on my face. Hurt her feelings?

The reference was to a situation where I had actually helped the employee in another department, at least in my view. I served as director of project management and had identified an area where one particularly well-meaning employee was paying the price for the delayed work of other departments. She was absorbing the time crunch all by herself. She was nobly trying to “save the world” for the entire company and becoming visibly stressed. Being a manager, my goal was to alleviate her stress and to help her to know that she has a support system in place, especially in light of the fact that her direct manager was not in the office for the week. Besides that, part of my role as director of project management is to ensure that the project goes along smoothly, not destroying staff in its path.

How on earth could she interpret this as anything but encouragement?

I sat and thought about it at length, after explaining to her manager that I did not see where his employee had done anything wrong and so there would not have been any point for correction. Obviously, there was a misunderstanding somewhere.

On my end, I took this personally, like somehow I had done something wrong. Here I was, a graduate student in psychology, on my way to my doctorate, with a focus on organizational psychology. My mission in life was to embrace the strengths in each and every human and to encourage their personal growth, while still keeping an eye on the best interest of the company/ies.

A Limited Dictionary

Then it hit me. While I was viewing that she was taking my “encouragement chat” too personal and somehow “corrupting” the message into something that it was not, I was also being too personal by expecting that somehow I mattered enough to be the sole focus of the equation and that I should always be understood because my motives were so pure.

In reality, we do have responsibility, as managers. We have a responsibility to understand our audience. In other words, even though we have used every psychological tactic in the world and practiced our eloquent communication skills, that does not mean that the audience is going to understand the message.

In this case, I had used logic and time management verbiage to explain how I was there to help this particular employee. In hindsight I could see that she got lost in the verbiage of logic and since she did not have a built-in translation program, she assumed that it was a reprimand, when it was not (in fact, polar opposite!). Now, in light of that, what should I expect? I had actually erred on the side of expecting her to understand more than she was capable of understanding. So, she translated what I said by attributing it to the closest translation she could find.

It would be like having a dictionary. If your dictionary only has 10 words in it and you are presented with an 11th word, you are going to find the closest translation, even if it doesn’t apply at all. Well, I should say, there are those who will do that. There are also those who will find out what the meaning is, but just because I may be that type of person, I cannot expect that the entire population of the world is also that type. That would be an unrealistic expectation on my part.

So, out of confusion, she translated what I meant for encouragement, as a reprimand.

What could I have done?

I should have realized that I needed to be less academic. I needed to remove the “higher thinking” portion of my response and kept it simple. Simple would be, “Hey, I’ll take care of it for you.” She may not have grown in her capacity, but I cannot force that growth. It has to be something she personally desires for herself and if she does not, there is no point in encouraging growth that is not desired.

In my efforts to implement transformational leadership, I drew her in, to be empowered when it came to her own time management. I offered her tools to help her fly, to soar over the landscape of her life and grow in self-validation. But, since she did not understand, she thought it was an indicator that somehow she was *not* succeeding.

Who are we to reprimand others because they choose not to soar? It is them who have chosen to remain grounded and complain, rather than rising above and reaching for the stars.. and their dreams.

So, before taking it personally, step back and realize that much of life is a reaction. It may not be YOUR reaction, but you are likely to be affected by a reaction somewhere. And, be sure to study your audience. Understand that just because it is kind-hearted on your end, the audience may not have the capacity to receive that kindheartedness. Even sugar can become too much and cause a dispelling from the body, when consumed in levels that the body cannot handle.

GoDaddy’s Office 365 Does The Heavy Lifting So You Can Focus On Your Business (Giveaway.. 24 hrs only) #GoDaddyO365 #ad

In my experience as Director of Information Technology in the financial industry, I have had plenty of opportunities working with the Microsoft Exchange Server. I have recovered the Exchange Server in times when even Microsoft has said that it was impossible. I have come to have a love affair with Exchange and all of the wonderful features that are available with the Microsoft product.

I am also a small business co-owner and setting up an Exchange Server in a small business environment simply isn't practical, is it? Along comes the Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy solution. And, what a solution it is! It is an Exchange back-end with an easy-to-use front end. What makes it even better is that it is offered by GoDaddy! You see, before I entered Corporate America, I ran a hosting and domain registration service. When we decided to close up shop on that business, we moved our clients to GoDaddy and they lived happily ever after with the GoDaddy service. We, ourselves, also use GoDaddy services, and have for over a decade, and have no complaints.

So, you see, it was a perfect marriage, with GoDaddy backing the Office 365 product.

GoDaddy Office 365 Step-By-Step

Are you a small business owner? Get everything you need to run your business anytime, anywhere. With Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy there’s no easier way for your small business to stay connected and get more done.

Note: The following rafflecopter says that it closes at midnight on June 30th, but it actually closes at 3p EDT on June 30th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In a small business, there are three things that are essential to your success:

  1. Proper Planning
  2. Web Site
  3. Reliable Email

GoDaddy Has the Web Site Covered

GoDaddy can help you with all three of these objectives! Not only does GoDaddy offer the Office 365 product, but also the domain registration and awesome hosting. We have a dedicated server with GoDaddy and have for many years. It meets and exceeds our needs and GoDaddy customer service compares to none. Some of the features that I love the most about GoDaddy's Office 365 are email, collaboration, and online meeting solutions. In my role in project management, this collaboration is essential. Without it, there is no visibility on where we are at with our small business projects.

Online Meeting Collaboration

There are many options with the Office 365 product, but one of them is the online meeting solution and using the collaboration of OneDrive. Some of you have used DropBox, and this is a similar solution, being able to meet with your team and edit a document in real time.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

The ability to access GoDaddy's Office 365 web app any time, from any place, adds so much flexibility to the small business experience. And, it works well with my existing apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There is no limi with this 24 hr access.  Check out the Always Open Small Business infographic by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Office 365 Features

Easy to Use

While it is true that I am a tech geek, I can sit back and relax while using GoDaddy's Office 365. It really is that easy. No technical knowledge required to use it. For me, that means I can spend my time on my needed small business projects. My technical expertise is not used for non-profit-generating tasks like email server maintenance, but rather, on projects that generate cash. GoDaddy's Office 365 takes care of my email needs so I don't have to do it!


With the use of Office 365, you can collaborate with your small business employees and even collaborate with your virtual employees or others outside your organization. An example is working on the same document at the same time.

Design as Only GoDaddy Can Produce

GoDaddy, with their excellent customer service (We can attest to that!), provides support and has set up the interface to be specifically geared to small business and those businesses that might not have an IT department. It is an easy step-by-step process and GoDaddy is there if you have any questions.

Contest to Win One Year service, Free!

Are you a small business owner? Leave a comment letting me know how Office 365 can help you better manage your business! Ok, now that I have shared some of the ways that Office 365 has helped us in our business, tell me, what features are you most excited to use? Remember, you can share your comment below for a chance to win one year free! (Be sure to tell us, in the Rafflecopter app, above, that you left a comment.. that is your chance to win one year of Office 365!)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoDaddy. All opinions are 100% mine.

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How Important is *Trust* in Your Business as an Advisor or Consultant?

Is Trust In Your Toolbox As An Advisor or Consultant?

I am a big believer in respecting people and treating people with equality, and sometimes (especially in the marketing field) there is so much hype and teaching about how to persuade someone they need something that they do not need. It is refreshing to read about building trust instead of manipulating people’s emotions. And, that is what I did this week, while reading “Flawless Consulting” by Peter Block.

[asa book]0470620749[/asa]

We Are On a Journey.

Maister, Green, and Galford, in their Consulting to Management journal article called, “What is a trusted advisor?” remind us that we do not start out as trusted experts in our field, but many times, that is our goal in life (their related book is shown toward the end of this article). I have seen this in myself, as well as my peers, and those who have succeeded in reaching that goal.

Three Key Principles.

So, from that awareness of the journey comes three key principles that I would glean, especially from Peter Block’s book, Flawless Consulting:

  1. Being authentic.
  2. Being thorough.
  3. Being fair.

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Need A Scientific and Technological Way to Get a Boost of Energy? Start Your New Year With AeroLife!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of AeroLife™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

AeroLife Energy, Sleep, Natural

AeroLife uses the technology of air, in a safe air-based (no gases, etc.) system to provide you with nutrients that include vitamins, supplements, and tasty flavors.  It works safely, cleanly, and very fast (I can attest to that!).

When gently drawing in the air, using the dispenser, the nutrients are drawn into the system and immediately start to help you feel refreshed (AeroLife Entergy); relaxed (AeroLife Sleep); or prepares you to fight off the nasty cold and flus that sometimes creep up on us during this season (AeroLife Immune).

This product is clean and safe, with particles that do not travel to the lungs, but rather, gently enter your system through a process as easy as sipping a straw, and yet, give you that refreshed feeling, while providing smart nutrition.

Even those of you who are skeptical will want to see if, by chance, it works, right?  I was curious and I'm glad I tried it!

Ok, first, I have to admit.  I'm not one for reading the instructions.  I mean, in that way, I'm more like a "stereotypical guy" than a woman, putting the bicycle together and then wondering what all of the extra pieces were for, while staring at them on the curb.  So, I pulled out all these fun, colorful packs, and the very creative and intriguing book, and I went to start right away.  I think my overly complex brain got confused because it was almost "too simple" to use.  Instead of extra parts, I kept trying to put parts together to use it.  Ok, note to self and to all of you out there who are technically-minded like me.  It isn't as complex as you are thinking.  In fact, the following video demonstrates the process in a way that we geeks need to see it –>

Start your free trial now

AeroLife Energy

I have been pretty tired lately and before delving into the AeroLife pack, I took a nap.  One of those really deep naps.  I was awakened suddenly and even though I was up moving, I was very groggy and not awake at all.  This seemed like the perfect time to try the AeroLife Energy.  I did and I told myself not to think anything psychosomatic, attributing what I thought should happen and making it happen.  But, really, I felt so energized!  It was better than any triple-shot coffee!  It was better than any energy drink.  Not only was I energized mentally, but I was ready to go for a walk.  I never go from 0 to 60 quite like that after one of those deep naps!  And, I didn't feel all artificially energized.  I felt very natural, as if I hadn't napped and had already had all of the sleep my body needed. 

AeroLife Trial Pack

Confessions of a Diet-Coke-a-Holic

I am often seen, even in pictures, with my bottle of Diet Coke in hand.  While I am not ready to go cold turkey, I have to say that when it comes to energy, the AeroLife Energy nutrients do a quicker job than my beloved Diet Coke.  There is no sugar high and no "drugged feeling," just refreshed and ready to face the day.  I no longer require the heavy-duty strong coffee (the kind that puts hair on the chest) to get me going.  All I need is the compact, clean, nutrient-delivery AeroLife unit, with my favorite flavor of the day.  And, it is so easy to carry with me that I can have one at the office for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Try AeroLife for yourself and see how well you do.  Don't take my word for it and don't feel like you have to flush the coffee beans down the garbage disposal.  Simply Start your free trial now and see if this natural, scientifically designed combination of vitamins and supplements helps you to fee more refreshed when you need to be alert and more relaxed when you need to wind down.

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AT&T Hits a “Home Run” with this CLP99383 Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Advanced American Telephones for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember, years ago, before it was "cool" (or necessary) to have a fully functional home office, shopping for "just the right phone" to cover all of our business needs. At the time, we were running a domain registration and hosting site and were quite popular with our "high quality, affordable services" rates. However, this motto required that we use the phone to be available to our customers 24/7 and, in our own home, with what would work like a commercial phone. It was nearly an impossible feat to find one that had ALL of the features we needed, without changing our motto to "high quality, NON-affordable services."

AT&T CLP99383 Telephone

Fortunately, AT&T has come to the rescue these days and not just "getting by" but hitting it out of the ball field.

Quality of Sound of CLP99383 Phone

The quality of the sound is better than digital clear. Gone are the warm fuzzy analog sound quality with raspy undertones, and here are the techno-clear digital age sound that would put Star Trek to shame. In the past, I recall having issues with the phone company (during "dial-up" days) because the sound was so bad that it wouldn't keep an internet connection. This sound quality is so clear you could record a podcast off of it. In fact, I might just do that!

AT&T CLP99383 Telephone

Features Galore in the CLP99383 Phone

This lovely phone has all of the features my heart could desire, for my office, as well as home. These features include:

  • a "range" that doesn't know the word "end."
  • voice announcing of Caller ID (when subscribed via phone service)
  • caller ID/call waiting with ability to store up to 50 calls in history
  • conference calling
  • answer the phone with any key (fumbling? no problem!)
  • Push-to-Talk
  • mute
  • equalizer to adjust HD audio (we sound engineers LOVE that!)
  • 3 handsets (expandable to 12)
  • works with AT&T cordless headset (essential!)
  • intercom (us too-lazy-to-use-stairs LOVE that!)
  • built-in phone directory that stores up to 200 entries
  • voicemail indicator
  • quick access for your voicemail (no longer fumbling to find it!)
  • last 10 numbers available for redial
  • multi-language setup menu
  • power-conserving technology (us green people LOVE that!)
  • battery back-up
  • mount on table or wall

Connect to Cell BLUETOOTH® technology

Favorite Feature: Connect to Cell BLUETOOTH® Technology of CLP99383 Phone

So, you gave up your landline and upped your cell minutes to unlimited to cut costs? Well, the CLP99383 is still the phone for you! I love my iPhone, but, sometimes the audio is just a bit muffled. When I used headphones, the sound is clear as can be, but who has time to grab the headphones every time the cell phone rings? Well, here is the answer to both – use the CLP99383! This beautiful piece of technology can be hooked up to act as the cell phone, so you don't have to use your cell phone when you are in the office or at home. This is also very handy if the cell phone is on one floor of the house and not the floor that you are on … no worries… with 3 handsets, you are sure to have a phone handy to answer that cell call.

The handset of the the CLP99383 makes it easy to use, allowing you to choose between Cell 1 and Cell 2. Oh, and for those of us who are forever having trouble deciphering little universal graphics? Have no fear, AT&T has thought of us and included the TEXT, so we can figure out what the buttons are! They also had the foresight to make the numbers big enough to read but not so big that you feel like you are a senior citizen (even if you are). The display is clear as can be, and as easy to read as a piece of paper.

Since the handsets are actually utilizing the cell phone service, for each of the cell buttons on the phone, you can actually use each handset to make a call AT THE SAME TIME using each of the services (the two different programmed-in cell phones, and the land line). Did you notice, THREE handsets with this system?

AT&T CLP99383 Telephone

That's not all. The CLP99383 also has a built-in USB dock for the cell phone. What does that mean? The CLP99383 can alert you to texts, email, voicemail.. any alerts that your cell phone would give you. Do you have one of those houses (or offices) where you continually lose the call because of a dead spot, but conveniently forget about that dead spot until it happens, repeatedly? No worries. Leave your phone in the best location for the cell signal and use the CLP99383 handset instead. This also helps when you want to have those business calls on speaker phone and they call in on your cell phone. Some cell phones just were not cut out for speaker calls. The CLP99383, on the other hand, handles those calls like a pro, turning your cell phone into a full-blown commercial speaker phone.

Surprise Bonus: Downloadable Directory

Now that your phone has collected calls and call information for the land line and two cell phones, and you have it in the directory, you can download that information and add it to your favorite address book system. No longer do you have to key it into the phone, one cell phone, the other cell phone, and the online/offline directories. Handle it once and it can be integrated with all of your systems.

Workflow enhancement

The base is full of goodies and programmable options, but it can find its place of honor on your favorite coffee table, or large desk, or even the wall-mount option. However, for smaller places and smaller desks, the handset is sleek and has a small footprint, barely taking more space that a cell phone. It is easy on the hands, easy on the eyes, and easy to use, with the slick touch-buttons and easy-to-read panel. This phone, with its relatively small size, handles all of your business needs in a robust manner, with the headset capability, speaker phone, easy to reach directory, and functioning as three phones in one. It becomes the standard by which business communication is measured.


With a phone that boasts this many features AND serves as an essential part of my home office, I would expect to pay $399 and up. Back "in the day," that was a reasonable price tag for a comparable phone of its day. However, this CLP99383 phone is only around $100. I would go out and pick one up now. In fact, I'm thinking that I may grab a couple for Holiday gift giving.

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5 Apps That Will Help A Small Business Function More Efficiently

Managing a business is a daunting task, especially when it’s a small business. Small business owners have limited resources and unlimited tasks. They need to keep the costs low if they want the business to be productive. Unlike major corporations, small business owners can’t invest in separate departments for different functions. They need to multitask to the best of their abilities. Fortunately, we live in the information age where tasks can be simplified using technology. Mobile technology is most useful because it’s available on the go. Here are a few apps that will simplify the work process of a small business.


Management is the core component of a business. You need a tool to monitor your employee’s progress on a project. This is where Asana comes in. It allows employees to collaborate on a project and the business owner to track its progress. It has a very simple interface that gives it an edge over other management apps for small business owners. Being able to track the work process like a hawk has its advantages. You’ll never again miss a deadline in the future.


The tax man is like the grim reaper for a small business owner. Every time the tax season comes around, it’s as if a dark cloud descends upon him. Tracking your company expenses can help you get tax breaks. Expensify helps you monitor these expenses and it reveals the silver lining in the dark cloud hanging over you. When your taxes are in order, it can take a huge load off your shoulders.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could access your company database from anywhere?It would make collaborating on projects from different locations much easier. Using cloud computing you can achieve this. Dropbox allows you to share files, pictures and videos in a group and the best part is that you can access it from any computer or mobile device on the planet. This helps you stay connected to your business even while you’re on vacation.

Google Drive

As a business owner you need to go through a ton of documents and spreadsheets on a daily basis. You may not always have a computer with you to view them. Google Drive is an online office suite that allows you to view and edit documents on your computer and mobile device. It sure beats paying for Microsoft Office. You can open an e-mail, view the document, edit it if required and send it back without having to download it. Nifty, isn’t it?

Cloud Print

Reading documents on your phone is one thing, but what if you could print documents through it as well? Cloud Print allows you print documents by using your phone to give the print command. All you need to do is configure your printer and you’ll be able to print through it using your phone. You can send important print commands to your office printer even when you’re not there. You may be absent from the room, but your methods are not.

You may not have the resources of a major corporation, but using these apps you can compensate for that handicap. After all, every multinational corporation needs to start somewhere.

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Jeffery Hatcher, today’s guest author, is an employee at ExcelToner, a leading dealer of re-manufactured and OEM compatible toners. Being a tech enthusiast, he enjoys reading tech magazines in his leisure time to keep himself updated with the latest technological innovations.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Trading Software

Everyone needs a hobby in life, so if your interest lies in the world of finance and money, you will probably find online trading very exciting. Before the internet came along, anyone who wanted to trade in stocks, shares, gold, futures or on the foreign exchange markets needed to have a close personal relationship with a broker. These days, however, anyone can have a go at online trading thanks to the development of various software packages and online trading tools. So if you are considering playing in the financial markets for fun, what important things do you need to know about trading software?

What is Trading Software?

There are many different types of trading software. Some software packages even let you practice your skills on a virtual investment portfolio, so instead of blowing the kids’ inheritance on an unstable market, you can have a go at trading without any risk. Actual trading software makes online trading easier because it is able to track multiple stocks on one page. You could source the same information from a trading website, but using a trading software package is a great timesaver, which is useful if you are busy living life to the full.

Different Types of Trading Software

There are many different trading software packages available to amateurs and professionals. Simpler software will update once per day, which is fine if you are only dabbling in the financial markets as a hobby and you don’t need to check your portfolio very often. More advanced software updates every fifteen minutes, and for the professional trader, a premium software package that continually updates will probably be the most appropriate.

  • Forex Trading Software – The currency markets are continually in flux, which makes it hard for software packages to track the latest prices across the world. The best Forex software packages update their information at least every fifteen minutes, so check this before you purchase.
  • Stocks and Shares Trading Software – Stocks and shares software packages monitor data from the financial markets to help you spot trends and patterns. The better software packages can offer useful insights into what stocks and shares are on the up as well as when would be a good time to sell.

Online Trading Considerations

Online trading software is useful for anyone who wishes to have a go at trading on the financial markets, but without a brokerage account you won’t actually be able to buy and sell anything. To begin with, it is a good idea to practice with a virtual investment portfolio. That way you can hone your skills without losing any money. Over time you should become more skilled at spotting trends and predicting what will happen next. When this happens, or you feel confident enough to try trading for real, it is time to open a brokerage account.

Always read product reviews before you buy an online trading software package. There are many different levels of trading software, so if you are a total beginner, always choose a basic package until you know how the markets work.

Featured images:

Jenny Wadlow, the contributor of today’s post is a freelance blogger. She is currently writing for Toronto Gold Bullion, which is a company dealing in precious metal. You can equip yourself with the latest market trends by simply following her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.


Be Prepared For Your Retirement With These Four Apps

At some point, virtually everyone will reach the age at which retirement becomes feasible – it may sneak up on you little by little, so this is why it is so important to be prepared even in your younger years. In the past, retirement advice and information was limited to investment firms and 401ks; which made it very difficult for the average person to take their investments and retirement goals into their own hands. These days, though, a variety of mobile applications have helped millions of people enjoy a greater sense of financial freedom and plan for those golden years. Below, we will discuss four apps that each offer a benefit or feature for those who are ready to plan their retirements.

Schwab Workplace Retirement

Anyone who needs to track their current workplace retirement savings can do so without hassle thanks to the Schwab Workplace Retirement app, currently available on the iTunes App Store. This free application allows users to monitor their retirement savings balances, view overall performance of your current investments and determine how much you have contributed each week or month. Those who require further assistance and guidance can use the app to converse with a Schwab professional, who can help walk users through the key benefits of certain retirement strategies.


Retirement Income Calculator

If you are unsure of the amount needed to retire comfortably, then you may find the Retirement Income Calculator to be a great tool for calculating your precise monetary needs. Users will be able to specify certain goals and adjust variables such as retirement age and desired monthly benefits in order to see how much will be needed over the course of their working careers in order to achieve those goals. The app will show amounts in both current dollars and future dollars, which can help ensure that your purchasing power remains unaffected in your golden years. Available on the Android Marketplace, the Retirement Income Calculator app is a free download.


Retirement Planner

Retirement advice can be very useful for those who currently have no objectives, and the Retirement Planner app helps users make basic decisions about the type of investments they need to make in order to have comfortable retirements. Users can see the difference between popular investment strategies such as 401ks and IRAs, how their current levels of spending affect future retirement plans and whether they will end up with a surplus or shortfall based on outlined goals. The Retirement Planner app is completely free and available for download on the Android Marketplace.


Retirement Countdown

Anyone who has retirement planned out through the above investment recommendations may now wish to keep track of how long it will be before the day arrives. The Retirement Countdown app is a great way to measure the number of days, months and years left before you retire. While not a full-featured app that offers multiple benefits, this tool can be a wake-up call for those who have put financial planning off, thinking time is on their side. You can find the Retirement Countdown app for download on the Android Marketplace.


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This guest post is by Phil Taylor, a financial advisor and an avid blogger. He works for Instant Life Insurance, a company that provides various insurance plans for the people of Canada. He has many years of experience and most of the people appreciate his expert advice.

How Well Have You Planned For Your Future And Retirement? – Don’t Worry There’s A Smartphone To Help You

There are a number of great iPhone finance-related apps in the marketplace, but none are as important as those that help you secure you and your family’s financial future. We typically don’t like to think too far ahead, especially in terms of our own retirement, or worse still – our death. However, with a great range of pensions, annuities and life insurance products, the sooner you start planning the better your future will be.

Annuity Think Tank

An annuity can best be described as an insurance product that will pay out an income at a future date. Annuities are typically used as part of a person’s retirement strategy and most pensions will include some form of an annuity. Annuity Think Tank is more of an educational resource than anything else. It is geared towards both financial professionals and financial consumers.

The app will provide a full education on annuities and how they work. You have the ability to research the various types of products available in the marketplace and this can even help you to decide on the right investment vehicle for your retirement. Not only will you learn about planning for your retirement, but also the tax advantages that will be available to you. This is one of the most comprehensive guides available on the subject of annuities.

Some of the Things You’ll Learn

- You will learn the basics about annuities – how they work, why people choose to invest in them, and how it can help you to plan effectively for your retirement.

- There are many more advanced concepts available within the app as well, although these are more specifically aimed at financial professionals.

- You have the opportunity to try the annuity calculators provided by the app, which can give you a real insight into the amount of income you could potentially have in your retirement.

- You will have access to all the information that annuity experts and professionals use, so you could make informed decisions for yourself on the type of product most suited to you.

- You will have access to a vast array of websites and associated links and information.


The app is located in the Education category of iTunes. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is completely free to download and you will require an operating system of iOS 4.3 or later. The latest update added integration for iPad, added far more relevant content and the features have been enhanced to make them more user friendly.

Planning for your financial future is something that many of us put off and this is typically due to the complicated nature of investments, pensions, insurances, etc. However, you can now be one step ahead of the crowd and learn about one of the most important insurance product’s that is likely to support you in your old age. The app has also been extremely well received by current users and there are countless positive reviews and five-star ratings for the Annuity Think Tank app.


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This guest post is by Alistair Donning, an insurance advisor by profession. He has used guest posting to share his knowledge about no medical and other lesser known life insurance options. His day job is at a Canadian insurance brokerage firm.

Getting Ready To Sell Your Home? Four Apps For Home (and Value) Improvement

Moving into a new home can be stressful, but that stress only comes once you have resolved the issue that is selling your old home. This process in itself can be much more exhausting and will probably result in a few instances where things fall through or hopes are lost when it comes to selling the house for the desired price. Fortunately, technology is assisting home owners in areas such as home renovation, which can add substantial value to any property when done properly. In the following article, we will be outlining four apps that home owners can use to make improvements around the home prior to selling.


Encouraging home owners to stop shelling out for expensive repairs and instead turn to themselves for assistance, DIY DO IT is a great app on iOS devices that provides tutorials and step-by-step instructions for over fifty different tasks around the home. Need help painting gutters, unclogging a sink or installing a new faucet? The information in DIY DO IT will help you accomplish all of these and more, offering clear photos and text that outlines what needs to be done in each step. In addition to this, a variety of included calculators will assist in determining how much of a particular material is needed for any job. For just $0.99, the DIY DO IT app can be downloaded via iTunes.


iHandy Carpenter

Determining whether a shelf is level or the exact angle of a piece of moulding used to be frustrated and for each task, a particular tool was required. With the iHandy Carpenter, these days are over. Including five separate tools in one (plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, ruler and protractor), you can eliminate the need for expensive physical instruments and replace them with an affordable $1.99 solution. When making home improvements, having tools such as a protractor and level come in handy, so iOS users will not want to miss out on this excellent composition of tools.


Home Decorator Pro

Have you ever wished you could see how a room would look after a potential renovation? With Home Decorator Pro, this is now a reality. Anyone who wants to add a bit of appeal to a recently listed home via a new paint job will have full flexibility in being able to see the potential results. Simply take a photo of the room in question and through the application, one touch is enough to apply the colour of your choice to see how it will look. The realistic depictions will assist in avoiding a bad choice of colour, and the app’s price ($0.99) is reasonable enough that any DIY-er should consider downloading it before committing to any painting decisions.



Designed for projects relating to home renovation as well as just about anything else, the free eHow app gives home owners access to a variety of articles and tutorials on various subjects. If you want to fix a leaky toilet, for instance, you will be able to quickly find an article detailing step-by-step how to achieve this. Available for iOS and Android devices, eHow makes a great addition for not only home renovation projects, but just about every other area of life as well.


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Rob Crook

This post is authored by Rob Crook, a successful businessman by profession. Being in contact with a number of Newmarket real estate agents, he always has an eye on properties and property prices. Making most of these opportunities, a large share of his earnings come from buying and selling properties.