Tax Time : Looking for Bookkeeping Software?

With tax time looming around the corner, the topic on some of our minds is, yep, you guessed it, Taxes! And, with that, we may wonder, especially those of us who run consulting firms, whether our bookkeeping solution is adequate for our needs. I have personally been using QuickBooks for years now and love it, but have been looking online to see what types of software and online services are available these days. Hey, I need to ensure that I am using the best possible – the most bang for the smallest buck!

I have discovered some bookkeeping software by Outright. First, and while this isn’t the most important feature, it is the first on my mind… The price is right! Did I read that right? The price is only $9.95 per month? Hey, I pay more than that for other services that do not provide nearly the time savings that this solution does. Time savings? It’s simple. The Outright solution accesses your banking information directly from the institution and imports it into your accounting records. Now, unless you are doing everything in cash, and nothing ever hits a financial institution, your bookkeeping is done in the ease of a click of a button (or two, or three…LOL).

Ok, ever the security-consious professional that I am, my main concern would be the security. Outright claims that they use SSL security in accessing your financial data, and that even *you* cannot access the data (see their site for more information). While I haven’t signed up for their service, yet, this is the same type of security that is on other financial web sites. So, if you are already using your iPad, iPhone or web site to access your bank, you are already using a similar technology! That said, it is your decision. But, it looks to me to be a reasonable “bang” for taking care of your “bucks.”

About the author: Deborah experienced the thrill ride (ups and downs) of Corporate America, along with the underbelly of greed that sometimes accompanies it. She was the key to unlocking the West Coast Madoff scandal before it caused the level of damage that could have occurred. Out of that experience, comes advice and insights. But, first, download the “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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  • Bookkeeping Software Jul 27, 2012 @ 21:59

    Would definitely try that software. I was wondering if there’s a free trial to check it first. Thanks.

    • Deborah Anderson Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:41

      That is a good question. It does seem like a great solution, based on what the sales people have said, but I haven’t done the free trial.

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