Investment Banking and Chemical M&A

Yes, it is true, my background is in information technology, and more specifically, the management of information technology in the financial industry. Living in the exciting, though sometimes tumultuous world of investment banking, is a thrill-ride, to say the least. It is also responsible for piquing my interest even further into the investment world and learning about companies that specialize in mergers and acquisitions. More recently, I have been reading about chemical mergers and acquisitions, and discovered a group called The Valence Group.

The Valence Group, which is a chemical investment bank specializing in companies in the sector relating to chemicals and materials, is well-suited for the expertise that they claim, with their plethora of experience. Notably, I would be more akin to attesting to how their information systems may be enhanced to accommodate their investment expertise more so than to speak to the aspect of the actual process or compete with them on their own turf, specializing in the area of being a chemical advisory group.

In this day and age, there are so many investment opportunities, even by way of those emails coming into your box! (Oh, please, people, tell me you don’t respond to those!) There are also the “mainstream” investment opportunities which may seem “safe,” and possibly are. But, again, to my novice mind, if you want to invest, find people that have a niche, and in this case, The Valence Group has found theirs in chemical M&A.

Disclaimer: For SEC purposes, please let me remind you that I am not licensed in the area of offering you any investment advice. Not only that, but I am not personally knowledgeable in the area of giving investment advice. So, please, do your due diligence for your sake and do not rely on me to point you to the “sure thing” as far as your money goes. I can give you advice on how to build an information technology infrastructure that will support your investment firm in the most efficient, SEC-compliant manner (for a price, of course), and I can recommend which personal computer you may want to buy, but, I am *not* an investment banker. I just like working with them. 🙂

About the author: Deborah experienced the thrill ride (ups and downs) of Corporate America, along with the underbelly of greed that sometimes accompanies it. She was the key to unlocking the West Coast Madoff scandal before it caused the level of damage that could have occurred. Out of that experience, comes advice and insights. But, first, download the “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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