5 Apps That Will Help A Small Business Function More Efficiently

Managing a business is a daunting task, especially when it’s a small business. Small business owners have limited resources and unlimited tasks. They need to keep the costs low if they want the business to be productive. Unlike major corporations, small business owners can’t invest in separate departments for different functions. They need to multitask to the best of their abilities. Fortunately, we live in the information age where tasks can be simplified using technology. Mobile technology is most useful because it’s available on the go. Here are a few apps that will simplify the work process of a small business.


Management is the core component of a business. You need a tool to monitor your employee’s progress on a project. This is where Asana comes in. It allows employees to collaborate on a project and the business owner to track its progress. It has a very simple interface that gives it an edge over other management apps for small business owners. Being able to track the work process like a hawk has its advantages. You’ll never again miss a deadline in the future.


The tax man is like the grim reaper for a small business owner. Every time the tax season comes around, it’s as if a dark cloud descends upon him. Tracking your company expenses can help you get tax breaks. Expensify helps you monitor these expenses and it reveals the silver lining in the dark cloud hanging over you. When your taxes are in order, it can take a huge load off your shoulders.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could access your company database from anywhere?It would make collaborating on projects from different locations much easier. Using cloud computing you can achieve this. Dropbox allows you to share files, pictures and videos in a group and the best part is that you can access it from any computer or mobile device on the planet. This helps you stay connected to your business even while you’re on vacation.

Google Drive

As a business owner you need to go through a ton of documents and spreadsheets on a daily basis. You may not always have a computer with you to view them. Google Drive is an online office suite that allows you to view and edit documents on your computer and mobile device. It sure beats paying for Microsoft Office. You can open an e-mail, view the document, edit it if required and send it back without having to download it. Nifty, isn’t it?

Cloud Print

Reading documents on your phone is one thing, but what if you could print documents through it as well? Cloud Print allows you print documents by using your phone to give the print command. All you need to do is configure your printer and you’ll be able to print through it using your phone. You can send important print commands to your office printer even when you’re not there. You may be absent from the room, but your methods are not.

You may not have the resources of a major corporation, but using these apps you can compensate for that handicap. After all, every multinational corporation needs to start somewhere.

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  • Max Arthur Mar 14, 2014 @ 7:19

    Dropbox is what I use among the lot.

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