What is “Socially Responsible Technology” anyway?

Good question.

The idea for this web site evolved out of the enigma of my personality and its intricacies, with one foot firmly planted in the arts, as the sassy Jazz singer, Deborah E (aka Lady D) and the responsibilities that I experience as a technologist specializing in SEC-Compliant technology in the hectic financial industry.

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For a long time, these two aspects of my personality did not seem to be related until I realized that is the heart of the socially-minded Jazz singer the propels the mind of the Chief Technology Officer to use the science of technology in a way that not only is socially-aware but also accountable in the grand scheme of things.

You see, there are so many ways that technology could be used irresponsibly, inefficiently, and, the worst of all, covertly, to cover-up a financial scam (i.e. think “Madoff”).

Do we need more people and companies ruined financially? What is our responsibility, as consumers? Do we simply hide our head in the sand and say, “the other guy did it?” Are there ways for us, as consumers, to protect ourselves from another potential loss? Are there ways that we, as technologists can be more responsible in the use of technology so that we are not leading the unknowing clients to their financial ruin?

On this site, I will share some technology insights for the consumer, as well as the technologist. I will also include guest articles on related subjects.

Let’s spend less time complaining, and more time learning how to make this world a better place. This corner? The corner on socially responsible technology.

-Deborah Anderson

About the author: Deborah experienced the thrill ride (ups and downs) of Corporate America, along with the underbelly of greed that sometimes accompanies it. She was the key to unlocking the West Coast Madoff scandal before it caused the level of damage that could have occurred. Out of that experience, comes advice and insights. But, first, download the “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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