The Often Overlooked Basis for Optimal Health for Men

Many times, when thinking about health issues for men, things like prostate cancer come to mind, as well as a healthy lifestyle that includes hanging out in the local gym and building up the visible signs of a well-built masculine physique.

There is more to health than what meets the eye and it is not just about healthy eating and healthy exercise. Sometimes a deeper look is needed, beneath the hood.

Effective Functioning and Performance

Many times people associate testosterone, or a lack of testosterone, with erectile dysfunction, but this is a very limited view into the overall health of the male population. There is so much more to the testosterone hormone than only one function.

Even the macho muscle building that is associated with male health needs the testosterone hormone to properly function in the male body. Other things like fatigue, weakness, and overall “not feeling well” are associated with low levels of testosterone. Mayo Clinic describes it well by calling the proper management of testosterone levels as the key to “male vitality.”

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

There are many symptoms of low testosterone and while the symptom list is not the diagnosis itself, it can provide a basis for seeking tests to confirm the suspicion. CBS News provides a pictorial view into the symptoms in their article, “11 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone.” In addition to the symptoms, there are concerns for resulting conditions such as the potential for the onset of diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Similar to the advice given to women to be checked regularly for breast cancer, in the same way, it is helpful and advantageous for men to have their testosterone levels checked. While there have been controversial approaches to the use of testosterone supplements, the diagnosis itself will help to alleviate much of the pressure of identifying of that is a possibility for the symptoms.

How to Balance the Testosterone Levels

The best way to address an issue of low testosterone levels is to enter into testosterone therapy with a medical professional. While it may be tempting to try to obtain the hormone and administer it oneself, it is healthier (and safer!) to ensure that you are well educated and have sought out the proper medical advice to do it properly.  By using a quality testosterone therapy, the road to vitality may be closer than originally imagined and improved health may become a reality.

Note: Deborah was hired to ghostwrite this article. Ghostwriting is where one person writes the article for-hire for another person to publish and attach whatever name they want to it. If the published article ever disappears, it is fair game for Deborah to publish said article on this blog since it was forfeited by the customer as a result of the unpublishing action.

This article was originally published on The Epoch Times.

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