Getting Ready To Sell Your Home? Four Apps For Home (and Value) Improvement

Moving into a new home can be stressful, but that stress only comes once you have resolved the issue that is selling your old home. This process in itself can be much more exhausting and will probably result in a few instances where things fall through or hopes are lost when it comes to selling the house for the desired price. Fortunately, technology is assisting home owners in areas such as home renovation, which can add substantial value to any property when done properly. In the following article, we will be outlining four apps that home owners can use to make improvements around the home prior to selling.


Encouraging home owners to stop shelling out for expensive repairs and instead turn to themselves for assistance, DIY DO IT is a great app on iOS devices that provides tutorials and step-by-step instructions for over fifty different tasks around the home. Need help painting gutters, unclogging a sink or installing a new faucet? The information in DIY DO IT will help you accomplish all of these and more, offering clear photos and text that outlines what needs to be done in each step. In addition to this, a variety of included calculators will assist in determining how much of a particular material is needed for any job. For just $0.99, the DIY DO IT app can be downloaded via iTunes.

iHandy Carpenter

Determining whether a shelf is level or the exact angle of a piece of moulding used to be frustrated and for each task, a particular tool was required. With the iHandy Carpenter, these days are over. Including five separate tools in one (plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, ruler and protractor), you can eliminate the need for expensive physical instruments and replace them with an affordable $1.99 solution. When making home improvements, having tools such as a protractor and level come in handy, so iOS users will not want to miss out on this excellent composition of tools.

Home Decorator Pro

Have you ever wished you could see how a room would look after a potential renovation? With Home Decorator Pro, this is now a reality. Anyone who wants to add a bit of appeal to a recently listed home via a new paint job will have full flexibility in being able to see the potential results. Simply take a photo of the room in question and through the application, one touch is enough to apply the colour of your choice to see how it will look. The realistic depictions will assist in avoiding a bad choice of colour, and the app’s price ($0.99) is reasonable enough that any DIY-er should consider downloading it before committing to any painting decisions.


Designed for projects relating to home renovation as well as just about anything else, the free eHow app gives home owners access to a variety of articles and tutorials on various subjects. If you want to fix a leaky toilet, for instance, you will be able to quickly find an article detailing step-by-step how to achieve this. Available for iOS and Android devices, eHow makes a great addition for not only home renovation projects, but just about every other area of life as well.

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