5 Apps to Manage Your Finances

Managing your credit cards, current accounts and loans was tricky before the world of mobile technology and the internet combined.

Now, you can choose from many different applications for your smartphone that will help you stay in total control of your income and outgoings each month without having to delve into your filing system or deal with a single piece of paper.

Here is a look at five of the best personal finance applications for your phone, covering programs for both iPhone and Android devices.

Mint.com Personal Finance

Regularly cited as one of the best apps for money management, this service from Mint.com lets you see all of your accounts in one place and you can even use it to procure new financial services.

Like all good money apps, this one allows you to get a quick overview of the current state of your finances, so you can better organize yourself to make ends meet from day to day.


This app is essential for anyone who loves online shopping, because it lets you make secure, protected payments on major sites like eBay without worrying about having your details stolen or being defrauded as you might be if using credit cards.

PayPal can be used to transfer money from your account to another user, which makes it good for repaying friends who may have loaned you some cash, without having to seek out an ATM.


Both Android and iPhone owners can take advantage of the Bloomberg application, which is perfect for those who like to keep their eyes on the global markets and see how their portfolio is doing.

As well as market data and stock tracking, the Bloomberg app is able to give you up to the minute news about the world of finance straight from professional sources, so you can respect the information that it contains.


This Android app has many equivalents on the iPhone, so you should not be stuck if you want to work out conversion rates in the blink of an eye, regardless of the platform you use.

It can deal with more than 160 different currencies from across the globe and the exchange rates are pulled in over your data connection so that you can be sure of getting an accurate calculation each time you use it.

Whether you are heading abroad on vacation or playing the foreign exchange market, this is a good app to stick on your Android handset, especially as it is free to download.

Expenses Manager

If you have a complex budget and a demanding family life with bills and more to deal with each month, this app will help you avoid the pitfalls of late payment charges and unexpected payment requirements.

You can track various accounts and credit cards as well as being able to set up automatic alerts to let you know when particular payments are due, which is useful if you have a number of recurring obligations of this kind.

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