Doctorate Journey Home

Thank you for your patience, while this writer is behind on what?  Writing!

Funny thing that happened to me when I was a child.  I was writing (oh, you should see the volumes of “books” of writing, back in the days when those bounded blank books were popular for budding writers like myself.

Anyway, I told my father that I wanted to be a writer.  He said, “That is fine, honey, but you need to be prepared for book signings and speaking in front of people.”  At that moment I decided I couldn’t possibly be a writer because… speaking in front of all of those people?!

Fast forward to the present.  Another funny thing happened.  I began to speak in front of people and even sing in front of people and realized that being on stage was better than anything (ok, almost anything, but those things shouldn’t be mentioned on a respectable website) in the world.

More recently I realized that I really did enjoy both:  writing and speaking/singing in front of tens of thousands of people!

Somewhere in the middle of something I was working on this past year.  Oh yeah!  It was that dissertation!  Funny how that conveniently slips the mind, even when one is focused on finishing the path toward that Ph.D. and being called a psychologist!  

Ok, somewhere in that path, I picked up this domain with the idea of journaling the process of obtaining the doctorate.  That way, for those who came after me, they had something to read to encourage them that life was not over, but just beginning!  And, that they, too, could complete the process and become a real Ph.D. doctor!

In that, and the experience of teaching people (we will save that for another story/article), I realize that people need help NOW!  So, this site has become a site where I offer my services to help fellow students of life in their editing needs for their dissertations.  That also extends to people attempting to publish their articles in Scientific Journals and struggling with the submission guidelines and different styles.  I’m there for you and I can get the work done for you (in this case, the editing, not writing it for you or we would have to insert my name as the author 🙂 ).

So, that is the starter.. More later, ok?  … As in the novels, articles, etc…