Dissertation Editing Services

So, you have spent hours upon hours preparing your dissertation.  You are a couple of molecules short of brain dead and your mentor lets you know that your dissertation needs editing.  Editing?  What are you going to do?

Fortunately, Deborah is here to help you! Let the expert do the hard review/editing for you and then run that final version past your mentor. Sound like a plan?

Introduction: How the Pro Bono Deal Works

A set amount of editing occurs (i.e. Two chapters), at no cost; no fee. If the client (Doctoral learner, as well as his or her mentor) is not pleased with the editing work, there is no harm and both parties may part amicably. If both parties are satisfied and decide to move forward, we move on to “The Next Step.”

Deborah’s “Pro Bono” Deal

(a.k.a. “The Next Step”)

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the “set amount” of pro bono work is two chapters of the dissertation. In referring to the introduction, above, if both parties are satisfied, three things occur in this “Next Step” phase. There are two steps related to the pro bono portion and one step related to the finishing of the project (payment).

Payment for the pro bono work that has been completed requires the completion of these two steps. The third step is the initiation of the payment portion for the completion of the project.

  1. A recommendation/testimonial of client satisfaction is provided via email and permission is provided for Deborah to publish this on her branded website. This can be as simple as a reply to an email.
  2. A LinkedIn Recommendation for Deborah’s academic editing services. To connect to Deborah on LinkedIn, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/deboraheanderson In return, often times, Deborah reciprocates on the client’s LI profile.
  3. Please see the “Payment Instructions” (below) for the details on how to pay for the remaining work (beyond the pro bono work).

Deborah’s Fee Information

Deborah’s rate is $55/hr. Fortunately, she is quick at what she does, and she is high quality!. Also, her rate is lower than her current competitors who charge around $65/hr for the same service. Deborah’s lower rate will remain in place until she becomes better known as the expert in her field. At that point, her rates will rise. (This might be a good time to share the savings with your doctoral cohorts and let them know that they can lock in the lower rate before it goes up to that higher rate.)

A dissertation of 100-150 pages is about 10-18 hours, coming to a total of 550 to $990 (compared to 650 to $1170 with Deborah’s competitors)

Don’t forget >> At this point, all dissertation clients are getting quite a bit of work done pro bono, so that means the cost of the editing is even lower yet! One can’t beat that price savings!

Deborah’s Payment Instructions and Details

After the pro bono portion, as defined within this page, or further defined between the client and Deborah, there is a $250 down payment to cover the remaining work on the dissertation. At that time when the client (including the mentor) has decided that the editing is desired and a decision has been made to move forward, the client will need to provide the email address that he or she would like to use for invoices. Shortly thereafter, Deborah’s accountant will send an invoice for the down payment amount of $250. After that invoice has been paid, the rest of the editing project will commence.

How Deborah Works/Edits

Rather than making suggestions and having discussions and creating more work for the client, Deborah actually makes the edits, according to several authoritative sources, including the APA Manuals (6.x), which includes the Electronic References manual. Other authoritative sources include the Grammarly tool, additional writing tools, and good old fashioned grammar references (American English) to ensure accuracy. These edits will be made in the “Review” mode in the Microsoft Word document so that the client has full control on whether to accept or reject the edits. Please note: With very view exceptions (1-3%), the edits are based on the authoritative sources. Deborah does not make stylistic changes that would change the style of the client’s writing. Rather, Deborah ensures that the dissertation is accurate according to grammar and writing requirements.

Deborah’s specialty is the American Psychological Association (APA) style. This is often what is required by universities. Deborah also reviews documents for other situations, like scientific journal articles. She is well versed in styles such as the “Sage House Style” in conjunction with the “Harvard Reference Style” for those cases where that combination is required for a Sage publication. While she prefers APA, she is experienced in other styles, as well.

In Conclusion, Let’s Introduce Deborah!

To find out a little bit about Deborah, please feel free to visit her Linked profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/deboraheanderson. This will also provide some background on her academic skill set, including her summa cum laude BSIT degree, as well as her President’s Honor of Distinction for her I/O Psychology studies and doctoral candidacy.

I look forward to working with you!  -Deborah

Please stay tuned for a way to order or request more information. Also, please stay tuned for a downloadable PDF version, especially if you clicked “download” on the home page. As you may have guessed, I am buried in dissertation editing and will get back to this site to allow it to flow smoothly so that it is not as confusing 😉

(I also know that for those of you who are really desperate for the services, you will find a way to get in touch with me, eh? (wink) )